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Learning should be fun, easy to digest, and never ever give anyone heartburn. Welcome to TapLearnGo, a micro-learning, bite-sized approach to making learning-on-the-go both effective and affordable.

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It all happens in a browser, from any device, anywhere, anytime. No need to login. We’ll make sure the results get to the right person

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1 Minute

Our 5 Questions Model, means that the vast majority of users take only 1 minute to finish a quiz. Micro learning is all about, fast, fun and simple


Finish the quiz and your results are instantly displayed, with an option to view the correct and full answers, and an optional team / business leaderboard

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Having worked with Companies and Organisations all over the world to build engaging learning platforms, we’ve taken our favourite format, focussed all our attention on it, and get one step closer to perfection every day.

Micro Learning is the more engaging, less time-consuming, and cheaper-to-produce sibling of regular eLearning. While it’s not always the correct solution for every training need, it’s incredibly effective for commercial and corporate training.

Our tried and tested process involves one quiz per week, sent out via Whatsapp.

Once the Quiz is completed (takes 1 min), it’s scored instantly, and an email is sent to the team manager / leader creating an opportunity for conversation and discussion in the workplace to help the team grow their knowledge in the industry.


Learning requires the involvement of managers and leaders. Any business who leaves the learning to the learners is certainly going to fail and waste their time and money. Managers / Leaders must be involved all the time. To this end we send weekly ‘nudges’ to the team manager / leader. These nudges remind the team manager / leader to chat to their team about the quiz, and gives them some helpful questions to ask their team about the quiz.

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Making learning easy, effective and fun to do 🙂

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