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Learn more about wine and become the most interesting person in any room, from some of South Africa’s top wine experts. It’s a fast and easy way to get smarter about wine.

May’s Wine Expert

A respected and accomplished South African winemaker, Morné is relentless in his pursuit of quality. His expert hand and knowledge of viniculture is responsible for the creation of fine vintages with skills that translate across his wine portfolio. His winemaking vision: to keep the integrity of the superlative grapes without over manipulation. Using authentic winemaking methods, he captures the essence of the terroir in every bottle.

He began his career as an assistant winemaker in Stellenbosch before five years of travel to France, Germany and England to develop his international palate, skills and style. He widened his experience with New World wines in New Zealand and continues to harness his expertise to create elegant South African wines from the unique Delaire Graff terroir and from fruit meticulously sourced from selected vineyards.


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There’s so much to know and learn about wine. You could quit your job and take a full time course, or your can sign up (for free) to The Wednesday Wine Club Quick Quiz and learn from some of South Africa’s top winemakers and experts.

Every week, we send out 5 multiple-choice questions via Whatsapp, to people all over the world, wanting to improve their knowledge in all things Wine. It’ll only take you 1-2 minutes to complete the quiz, and another 5 minutes to read through the answers and the extra notes that go with them.

As an accountant (somewhere in the world) once said, ‘all the ones add up’. Complete The Wednesday Wine Club Quick Quiz each week, and you’ll have answered 20 questions in a month, 120 in 6 months, and around 260 by the end of a year. That’s almost 3 full working days of studying, for FREE!!

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We’re powered by TapLearnGo (they run the quiz backend for us) and they’ve worked with Companies and Organisations all over the world, to build engaging learning platforms. Wine Wednesday is their favourite micro learning format, tweaked, perfected and focused on wine for us.

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Every Wednesday we send a short and testy, fun quiz, made up of questions from that month’s wine expert, via Whatsapp.

Once the Quiz is completed (takes 1 min), it’s scored instantly, and your results are shown to you. From there you have the option to click through to a website with the answers, where you can learn a little to lottle more.

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